International Symposium on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science
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ISUILS is a new and interdisciplinary, discussion-oriented symposium on the emerging research field, "Ultrafast Intense Laser Science". → more



ISUILS2023 Best Poster Presenter Awards NEW

The Best Poster Presenter Awards of ISUILS2023 were awarded to the following three presenters.

P-1 Sebastian Hell (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
"Electron-nuclear energy sharing through low-energy inelastic recollisions in dissociative multiphoton ionization of D2"

P-4 Bo Ying (Friedrich Schiller University Jena/Helmholtz Institute Jena)
"Experimental study of the laser-induced ionization of heavy metal and metalloid ions: Au+ and Si2+"

P-10 Viacheslav Korolev (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
"Narrowband enhancement of even order harmonics in a monolayer TMDC"


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Message from the Co-Chairs of ISUILS2023

Our 20th symposium was held in Sitges (Barcelona), Catalonia, Spain between October 1st and 6th. In the opening session, a tributary presentation was given by Prof. Gerhard Paulus to the Honorary Chair of the symposium, Prof. Luis Roso, to whom a medal of honor was also presented.

During the nine sessions covering the wide areas of rapidly growing interdisciplinary research fields of ultrafast intense laser science, we enjoyed the presentations made by the discussion leaders and the invited speakers as well as the stimulating discussions that followed all the presentations.

A total of 14 posters were presented during the poster sessions. In the Sponsor’s Session, presentations were given by Amplitude Laser Group, Spectra-Physics/MKS Instruments, Thales LAS France, Light Conversion, Japan Laser Corporation, and Ekspla (representing Tokyo Instruments, Inc.).

We believe the attendees enjoyed the scientific program in the sunny and cheerful atmosphere of Sitges. On behalf of the international organizing committee, we thank again the invited participants, the attendees, and the sponsors and sponsoring organizations for making the symposium stimulating and successful.

Sincerely yours,

Co-chairs of ISUILS2023 (The 20th ISUILS)
Crina Cojocaru
Maciej Lewenstein
Gerhard Paulus
Kaoru Yamanouchi

October 24, 2023