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Message from Co-chairs
January 30, 2007
Dear Colleague,

Lijiang, the old and exotic city in Yunnan Province, China is located at the altitude of 2,400 m above sea level. From the villa area of Guanfung Hotel, we were able to see the big Dragon Snow Mountain whose 5,000 m peak was covered by glaciers.

After the opening remarks by the three Co-chairs, we welcomed Pierre Agostini and Zhizhan Xu as Honorary Co-chairs, where Philippe Martin and Ruxin Li introduced to us the pioneering achievements made by Pierre and Zhizhan, respectively, followed by their replies.

We had the following nine oral sessions in total: “Molecules in Intense Laser Field (Experiment),“Relativistic Optics,“Molecules in Intense Laser Fields (Theory),“Advanced X-ray Sources and Quantum Emission, “Solid Target in Intense Laser Fields,“Laser Plasma Interaction, “Propagation and Filamentation,and “Attoseconds,and two poster sessions on the first and last days. Thanks to well-arranged introductions given by the discussion leaders and the wonderful talks given by the invited speakers, we enjoyed very much the expanding scientific frontiers and the lively discussions. In the Sponsor’s Session on the last day, we had nice talks from Mr. Alexander Grujic (Femto Lasers) and Dr. Ray Lian (Coherent), and a greeting from Mr. Keisuke Momose (Thales Laser).

For those who attended the excursion to the Dragon Snow Mountain on December 1st, the altitude of 4,680 m above sea level might have been the highest that any of them had experienced in their life. Although the air was very thin, the view from the top observation point was really magnificent. The atmosphere of the Old Town of the local Naxi people was special. The site offered many memorable scenes: narrow rivers where clean snow water from the Dragon Snow Mountain flows, stone-paved road whose surface has been walked over and hence polished by the people for eight hundreds years, the sea of tile-roofed houses seen from old wooden tower buildings, and Naxi ladies wearing beautiful local costumes. The dances of the minority people at the City Center and those performed by Naxi dancers at the banquet were fascinating. The attraction of the wedding ceremony at the banquet provided some light-hearted excitement.

We would like to thank Hongxiang Lin, Yueping Niu, and Miyuki Kusunoki who supported us kindly and efficiently and helped us make the symposium so enjoyable and stimulating. Finally, we would also like thank all our sponsors.

Ruxin Lee, See Leang Chin, and Kaoru Yamanouchi
Co-chairs, ISUILS5