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Welcome to ISUILS5
Since the beginning of the symposium series, five years have already passed. It is really amazing that the progress in the new interdisciplinary research fields of Ultrafast Intense Laser Science has been so rapid in these years. Indeed, researchers are now discussing how short we could make ultrashort laser pulses below 100 as by the technique of high-order harmonic generation using ultrashort femtosecond intense laser pulses. Attosecond pulses are now being used for probing extremely rapid phenomena. We are now entering an era of attochemistry.

The technique of locking a carrier envelope phase of sub-10 fs few-cycle pulses has also been established for investigating the effect of the phase of light in light-matter interaction, and a variety of techniques have been proposed and applied for controlling the dynamical behavior of atoms, molecules and clusters by fine tailoring the phase as well as intensity of ultrashort intense laser pulses. The phenomenon of filamentation associated with the propagation of intense laser pulses in a variety of media has become an attractive research target not only its own merit but also for its capability of compressing ultrashort laser pulses.

It is our hope that the International Symposium on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science 5 (ISUILS5) will stimulate further interdisciplinary interactions and discussions among researchers in physics, chemistry, biology, and laser engineering at the forefront of the rapidly growing research field, ultrafast intense laser science.

This year, Prof. Pierre Agostini (Ohio State University, US) and Prof. Zhizhan Xu (SIOM, China) agreed kindly to serve as honorary co-chairs of ISUILS5. It is our great honor and pleasure to have these two distinguished researchers as honorary co-chairs.

The present symposium is sponsored by the following organizations and research programs: in China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Commission of Science and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; in Japan, the JSPS Core-to-Core Program on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science, the MEXT Priority Area Program on Control of Molecules in Intense laser Fields, and the Japan Intense Light Field Science Society (JILS). We take this opportunity to thank these organizations and programs. We also thank the following world-leading companies for their generous financial supports: Coherent, Spectra-Physics, Amplitude Technologies, Thales Lasers, Japan Laser Corporation, Femtolasers, Tokyo Instruments, and Optima Corporation. We would like to thank Ms. Miyuki Kusunoki for her help with the organization of this event from the beginning, and the local organizers at SIOM who contributed a lot for running ISUILS5 locally.

We hope all the attendees will enjoy the presentations and discussions, making this symposium fruitful and successful in the pleasant atmosphere of Lijiang, one of the most exotic and beautiful cities in China.

Co-chairs, ISUILS5
SIOM, ChinaRuxin Li
Laval University, CanadaSee Leang Chin
The University of Tokyo, Japan    Kaoru Yamanouchi
November, 2006