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1. Booking your accommodations

Participants of ISUILS15 can book their rooms at a selection of hotels listed in the website below. The rooms in the the listed hotels are not blocked for the symposium and the number of rooms are limited. We recommend our participants to book early and well in advance.
(The link takes you to the hotel booking site of the Tourist Office of Cassis.)

2. Transportation (Marseille - Cassis)

Free bus service has been arranged for the participants between Marseille airport Cassis via the Marseille railway station on October 2nd and October 7th. There will be three services going to Cassis on October 2nd, and two services returning to Marseille on October 7th.

Bus Schedule:

Oct. 2, 2016 (Sun.)

(1) 12:00 Aéroport de Marseille-Provence (Marignane) - 12:30 Gare St Charles railway station - Cassis (arrival 13:30)

(2) 15:00 Aéroport de Marseille-Provence (Marignane) - 15:30 Gare St Charles railway station - Cassis (arrival 16:30)

(3) 18:00 Aéroport de Marseille-Provence (Marignane) - 18:30 Gare St. Charles - Cassis (arrival 19:30)

Oct. 7, 2016 (Fri.)

(1) 08:00 Cassis - Gare St Charles railway station (arrival 8:45) - Aéroport de Marseille-Provence (Marignane) (arrival 9:30)

(2) 12:00 Cassis - Gare St Charles railway station (arrival 12:45) - Aéroport de Marseille-Provence (Marignane) (arrival 13:30)

*All buses will make a stop at "St. Charles" railway station in Marseille.
** The bus will wait at the railway station for about 15 minutes before departing for Cassis/Marseille-Marignane airport.
*** Traveling time between St. Charles railway station and Cassis is approximately 20-30minutes.


1. Marseille Airport
2. St. Charles railway station and Cassis

Useful links

Taxi to Cassis:
- Taxi Marseille website
- Marseille Airport website on taxis